The Lullaby

For over a decade, the specter of war has loomed over our region, casting its long, cold shadow over innocent lives. It’s a conflict that has forcefully displaced millions, transforming childhoods into periods of upheaval, turmoil, and loss.

According to UNHCR, the world bears witness to an estimated 200 million children living in the world’s most lethal war zones.

Among them, nearly five million children born in the Middle East since March 2011 have known nothing but the harsh realities of war and conflict. With every passing day, these young lives encounter sights and sounds no child should ever experience - sounds that often lead to PTSD, high rates of depression, and anxiety as they grow up.

In the heart of such overwhelming adversity, Babyshop firmly believes that every child deserves the best start in life.

We stand resolute in our mission to alleviate some of this turmoil, to replace the sounds of war with sounds of solace, to bring a moment of peace, comfort, and warmth to these little hearts.

Ghaliaa Chaker

‘Frequencies of Peace’: Uniting Hearts and Minds Through the Power of Music

With this objective, we initiated the ‘Frequencies of Peace’ - a campaign aimed at reaching these children through the universal language of music. This endeavour saw us joining forces with the UNHCR, music therapy platform Spiritune, and a dedicated team of neuroscientists and music therapists. Together, we orchestrated a lullaby, a beacon of hope and serenity, sung by Arab artist and songwriter Ghaliaa Chaker.

Ghaliaa Chaker

Go Behind the Scenes of
‘Frequencies of Peace’ Lullaby Creation

The science behind
The Lullaby

This lullaby, based on evidence-backed research from prestigious institutions like New York University and Stanford, is a scientifically designed tool for parents and caregivers.

It employs specific musical properties known to induce calm, comfort, and sleep - a solace from the relentless disruption of their lives.

Houssam Chahin, Chief of Private Sector Partnerships for UNCHR MENA, reflects on the impact of this endeavor,

“ As around the world crisis continues, Frequencies of Peace provides a glimmer of comfort, of hope and most importantly, aims to help children and families who are surviving in devastating conditions relax enough to sleep. This lullaby is a lifeline for those living in these horrific conditions whilst UNHCR continues to lead a coordinated response across the region.”

As the lullaby takes flight, we invite people worldwide to lend their ears, their hearts, and if possible, their aid. You can listen to ‘Frequencies of Peace’ via Anghami in the Middle East or via Spiritune globally, and we encourage everyone to share the song with friends and family. We also welcome donations online or in Babyshop stores, with all proceeds going to aid children in regions torn apart by war and disaster.

At Babyshop, we believe in the transformative power of empathy, love, and care. In a world that often seems too dark, we seek to light the way - one lullaby at a time.

Listen to the Lullaby

Experts View

Utilizing the science of tone and voice in lullabies to soothe minds and instill tranquility.

Dr. Daniel Bowling

Dive into insightful perspectives from an expert at Spiritune, as they delve into the profound impact of peace on the minds and lives of children and families - as featured on Sky News UK.

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